Thursday, June 13, 2013

Artichoke Cafe - Not your usual brunch cafe

Really respect their attitude and passion to whip up awesome food for customers without conforming to the norm. Way to go, Artichoke. :)

Coffee was smooth, fragrant and we even takeaway 2 cuppas after our meal.

"dirty fries" with various condiments (pickles, tomatoes, mayo and salsa) is a must to start your stomach.

(in order of appearance)
Soft scrambled eggs with local organic mushrooms + grilled haloumi cheese + za'atar bread/
Bacon & Sweet potato hash - Sunny side-up + Fresh rocket + Turkish toast + bourbon butter/
Mezze Platter - A lil of everything on that day's menu/
Overdoughs' Snickers Tart + Roasted Banana muffin -

Thanks to Doris for the recommendation! Else we will not have walked into this cafe that we passed by so many times before! I love the laid-back atmosphere and the friendly servers who gave really awesome recommendations.

Artichoke Cafe & Bar
161 middle road, Sculpture Square
Tel: 6336 6949

Operating hours: 
Tues to Fri- dinner hours 
Sat- brunch & dinner (close at 4pm and open at 6pm again)
Sun- brunch

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Rabbit Stash - private dining boutique

I'm back! :) I hope that you are waiting for some juicy updates because I've got a few places that I highly recommend to you guys!

I need to make a teeny weeny confession- I've never went to a fine dining restaurant and all the dining etiquette skills taught in Poly have been effectively erased from my memory. Hence, I was quite #phail at the usage of the cutlery at this fine dining boutique tucked away at Alexandra Road. I even asked the server if I had been using the wrong cutlery because she had to serve me clean set of the same cutlery after every course! So now I learnt that we need to start using our cutlery from the outside for each course.

This dinner was meant as a surprise for my birthday recently and boy, what a delicious surprise! We ordered the 5-course degustation meal which was so delicious, every course was a treat for my palate.

The smoked eel with mango croissant, granny smith tartare and crunchy radish drizzled with mango sauce was served to whet our appetite for a start.

Lobster Bisque that is not part of the 5-course degustation meal, but delicious nevertheless. It was thick but not too thick to make you feel like it's too much, and you can literally taste the sea with each spoonful.

Even though they serve western food, the chefs are mainly (Singaporean) Chinese and this herbed braised duck was braised for like half a day? It was flavourful and the meat was awesomely tender. I like the braised quail egg too - a nice touch to the dish.

Lightly battered Prawn tempura with Japanese sauce to clear our palate for the next course. The prawn was very crunchy and succulent and the sauce was a perfect complement.

Again, not part of the 5-course meal, but LOOK at the lamb babeh. It screamed JUICY and tender and everything nice. 'Nuff said.

I'm gonna put out an arm and leg to say this, but this black ribeye is the best steak I've ever tasted. You gotta try to know what I'm talking about.

5-Course Degustation Meal - $68++

We ended the course with the classic Tiramisu topped with a birthday candle. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal here because I feel so special and personal with the owners of this cozy restaurant - Donna and Mattew. Donna will actually take the time and effort to introduce and explain about each course to all the customers and her sincerity to dedicate gourmet pleasure in the food is very commendable. They even make a complete change of the menu with every change of season to keep things exciting for the customers! So be sure to eat to your heart's content when you patronize at this place.

This 25-seater private fine dining place is an unpretentious yet classy place for a well-balanced meal that is specially created to entice our taste buds. Just remember to make a reservation first before making your way down!

The Rabbit Stash
354/356 Alexandra Road
#01-07 Alexis
Tel: 98588607
The Rabbit Stash FB page
The Rabbit Stash webpage