Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Not your average Joe at Joe & Dough

I've been meaning to upload my Day #3 Taiwan photos! But I need some more time to edit them to be sui sui, so while we wait for Taiwan, here's a recommendation for a cafe that I patronised recently - Joe & Dough.

It's not hard to find coffee in Singapore nowadays, with cafes springing up almost everywhere (except in the North though) and it's even more common in town area. I settled on Joe & Dough on a Sunday afternoon, just because it occupies a larger area with more seats. I didn't expect though, to find myself to nodding and smiling to my partner after tasting the first sip of the latte, going "Hey this coffee is not bad eh!"

I didn't get a chance to try their pastries cos of the weird timing at 5pm when we reached Millenia Walk, but we ordered a carrot cake to share, which I will share my take on it shortly after I enticed you with all these baked goods...

My all-time favourite carrot cake is still from Cedele's, but I like that the carrot cake served here is very light and fluff, which is perfect for a teatime snack after a good lunch. The cinnamon taste is not too strong as well, so it goes well with a cuppa coffee. I have no complains about the cream cheese too, though I prefer the ones that I whipped up. What I don't really like is the walnut. It seems insignificant, just a small nut sitting on top of the cake, but every single detail of the cake is important to me. It really saddens me to bite into a deflated walnut that tasted like it was served straight from a packet of nuts. 

Other than that, no complain about the cake, though I somehow felt that maybe the pastries will fare better. Shall give it a try the next time I'm at Millenia Walk/Suntec area.

Onto the coffee! My favouritest way of welcoming the weekend is to indulge in a cup of good coffee. To be honest, I lost touch with the coffee scene nowadays and I didn't really research where's the hipster cafes nowadays with good coffee, but I was really glad that I had Joe & Dough's coffee. The coffee has a good body, smooth to the palette and doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste. For just $4.50 a cup right smack in an atas place like Millenia Walk, I think it's really worth the beans.

Mr. F (my partner) tried the iced hazelnut latte and it was good too. 2 happy coffeelovers on a Sunday afternoon. 

On a completely random and off-topic, I would love to have this common table at my future house! I can totally imagine myself making a cup of coffee, bake some cupcakes over the weekend and take tons of IG-worthy photos with the rustic background.

One can only dream right! Share with me your new/old hunts for coffee! Would love to try new places and share with my friends.

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