Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Halal Beef Ribs @ Badoque Cafe

I am aware that typing this at close to midnight is detrimental to my waistline with 2 bags of potato chips staring back at me should I be tempted to open them. But this I must share. Because sharing is caring and I must share the joy (and the calories).

So. A few months ago, I had the chance to step into this hipster halal cafe- Badoque; along Upper Thomson Road. We heard much raves about beef ribs and initially we had wanted to order 2 mains to try but after some peeks at the humongous portions sitting at neighbouring tables, we decided to stick to just 1 main dish.

Now this mushroom sitting here has a story. Story goes like this...

After waiting for close to half an hour, our ribs were finally served. While the bf dived straight into the meat, I attacked the fries, expecting piping hot and crisp fries but to be totally disappointed with cold and soggy ones. We politely requested for a change of fresh batch of fries only and the serving attendee was very apologetic and swiftly cleared our plate. 

Knowing that we had to wait again, the serving attendee was kind enough to serve us complimentary mushroom soup while we wait for our fresh fries. It was totally unexpected and to be honest, it was a small but very impressionable gesture. The mushroom soup was not out of the world WOW, but it's creamy and well seasoned. Very light on the palate.

Beef Ribs - $24

Back to the ribs. Even though we requested for a change of fries only, they changed the entire set including the ribs for us! I was ravenous at this point in time to take another shot of the ribs, but I kid you not that they replaced with an entire new rack of beef ribs. 

The ribs are very flavourful from the long hours of stewing and roasting process and though some parts were a tad tough and dry, the beef was quite tender overall and the BBQ sauce is a must-have to go along with the ribs! 

I also like that the friendly and super helpful service crew from Badoque Cafe! Their service is impeccable and I think it's really rare and hard to get some level of customer service nowadays. I shall go another day and try other mains with my Better Batter kakis. ;)

Badoque Cafe

246 Upper Thomson Road 
Singapore 574370

298 Bedok Road, Simpang Bedok 
Singapore 469454

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  1. I liked salmon & seafood pasta but beef ribs ruined my appetite. The less quality meat was overcooked and the sauce tasted like bottled BBQ sauce from supermarket. If you feel like eating the original Badoque's ribs, wait until the renovation completed. I was expecting potato-carrot but given fries. As a result, I shall never return to Upper Thompson's branch.