Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One can always dream of Lavender cupcakes

I am back with a flowery pictorial to swoon you guys! Lavender is always one of the aromatic scent that I think of when it comes to relaxation so when I chanced upon a cupcake recipe on hummingbird bakery book with lavender flower as the main ingredient, of course I will wanna attempt baking it! In fact, the bf and I have been trying to maximise our weekends as much as possible and I started a #weekendproject for the both of us.

#Weekendproject #1: Lavender Cupcakes

I'm so glad that the bf loved it! And I'm absolutely stoked that I finally got the frosting to be "pipepable" because you can't imagine the disappointment I feel every time the frosting turned out to be 'glaze' instead. However I think I kind of over beat the batter so the cuppies didn't turn out as fluffy and moist as I liked my cupcake to be. With this said, I'm gonna iron things out with my mixer and oven until out comes perfect vanilla-based cupcakes!