Monday, March 10, 2014

Tak Po Dim Sum @ Chinatown Smith Street

Tak Po dim sum

dim sum

What I love about Dim sum is that I can try a variety because of the small portions. The usual suspects that will be on my table would be har gow (steamed prawn dumplings), lotus leaf with glutinous rice, carrot cake and a must-have for me has got to be chicken feet in bean sauce.

I was introduced to Tak Po eons ago and as fate had it, I was in the vicinity one Sunday morning and decided to go back to have dim sum for lunch! My expectation was definitely raised when I saw the small queue waiting to get a table, not forgetting to mention the bustling restaurant was filled to the brim with hungry and hearty patrons.

tak po har mai

Har Mai
$4.20 for 3

The har mai (prawns replacing the pork in normal siew mai) was good, fresh crunchy shrimps and thin skin with a great texture. I love that it came piping hot as well. It's definitely a must-order when you visit Tak Po! 

Deep fried Prawn dumpling (featured on the right)
$4.20 for 3

The prawn dumplings was a hit among my family, especially because of the crispy wanton skin and the generous prawn filling. Dipped into the salad sauce and it really hit that dim sum spot!

fried prawn dumpling

Prawn Roll Beancurd Skin
$3.60 for 2

Although it's a tad salty, but my guess is it's mostly contributed from the beancurd skin, otherwise I like the freshly deep-fried prawn roll (starting to realize we're indeed on a prawn roll here) in beancurd skin. Not forgetting to mention, it goes really well with the congee (not in picture)! 

fried carrot cake

Fried Carrot Cake
$1.80 for 2

There's mixed reviews for the fried carrot cake amongst my family members. One member gave a thumbs down for this because it's a bit too soft for his liking, I thought it was not too bad, just that there's a lack of carrot cake taste. Another liked it cos it's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I would give this a 2.5 out of 5 spoons actually. So unless you are craving for carrot cake, I suggest you skip this!

dim sum

tak po chicken feet

Chicken Feet

I must say that I have high expectations when it comes to braised chicken feet. Having raised in a family who loves chicken feet, my taste buds have been tuned to appreciate this delicacy where the skin must be soft and almost falling off the bones kind of level. Tak Po's version failed in all aspects in my honest opinion, so I would not recommend to try this. 

tak po prawn and banana fritters

Prawn and banana fritters

This, however, is interesting! It would be better off as a dessert though, because of the sweetness from the bananas and the absolutely crispy exterior made from vermicelli. I was quite impressed that it's actually not too bad, not too sweet and the prawns added this freshness to the dish. I would highly recommend you hold it 'til the last though, lest it turned soggy and lackluster in taste after you are done with most of the other 'main dishes'.

Despite the misses in their dims, I would still go back to Tak Po if I'm in Chinatown area. The dim sum served here are pocket-friendly and the unpretentious ambience made me feel quite comfortable actually. I will definitely be back to try the liu sha baos (custard egg yolk steamed buns) in my next visit!

Tak Po
42 Smith St, Singapore 058954

Opens Daily from 7.00am - 10.30pm

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