Sunday, June 22, 2014

Taiwan 台湾 2014 Day#3 - Taichung 台中 Strawberry Farm 牛奶草莓园 + Sun Moon Lake 日月潭+ 18 Degree C 巧克力工房

Hello Foodies, long time no see!

This marks the last entry for my Taiwan 台湾  travelogue! I would love to cover Taipei 台北 area as well, but somehow I don't think I will be as honest because I'm totally in love with Taichung 台中!

Our itinerary for Taiwan 台湾 Day #3:
Ino Home -> Strawberry Farm -> Sun Moon Lake -> 18 Degree C -> Taipei

If you land yourself here for the first time, you can go to my previous entries for Day #1 and Day #2 Taiwan Travelogue:

Aspoonfulofsoul Taiwan Travel Diary:
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