Wednesday, October 23, 2013

T&K Seafood- Not to be missed in Bangkok!

If I were to sum up T&K Seafood in 4 words, it would be "Cheap and good until......" That was quite a Chinese way of putting it across, but it is a Thai-Chinese restaurant after all. No frill, just good seafood with an extremely affordable price tag to boot.

We wanted to be adventurous and decided to walk from Hua Lamphong BTS station to this eatery. It's about 10 minutes walk, and you know you it's the right place when you see people clad in lime green T-shirts working the grill and washing plates and running around like busy bee. 

The fish is crispy as it can get, and the meat is very tender, very fresh without the sea salt taste. There's this green pesto-like sauce that is super spicy but it adds a refreshing kick to the fish and even the grilled prawns.

You have not been to Bangkok if you didn't try their tom yum koong. People who seriously can't take spice is excused but you can always request for nit noi spicy, which means a little bit spicy. It's not as sour as the ones we have here back in SG, but the spiciness really had me reaching for the coconut juice after each mouthful. I love the generous ingredients in the tom yum, the light fragrance of the coconut milk, and the robust broth that boasts a chockful of the sweetness from the seafood.

The Thai version of yellow curry is actually somewhat like our local chili crab paste, without the spiciness. It's a more subdued dish but I like the curry egg paste which goes super well with the fried rice and fresh prawns. 

All these for just 800 baht for the 2 of us - Super duper affordable and fresh seafood cooked Thai-style at a old shophouse. As authentic as it can get, I assure you. Even though the trip there and back to the bustling Pratunam area is quite long, I think it's worth to try such awesome seafood at a very interesting location.

T&K Seafood
49 - 41 Soi Phadung Dao, Chinatown, Bangkok
Nearest BTS: Hua Lamphong
Open daily from 6.00pm to 2.00am

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