Thursday, June 13, 2013

Artichoke Cafe - Not your usual brunch cafe

Really respect their attitude and passion to whip up awesome food for customers without conforming to the norm. Way to go, Artichoke. :)

Coffee was smooth, fragrant and we even takeaway 2 cuppas after our meal.

"dirty fries" with various condiments (pickles, tomatoes, mayo and salsa) is a must to start your stomach.

(in order of appearance)
Soft scrambled eggs with local organic mushrooms + grilled haloumi cheese + za'atar bread/
Bacon & Sweet potato hash - Sunny side-up + Fresh rocket + Turkish toast + bourbon butter/
Mezze Platter - A lil of everything on that day's menu/
Overdoughs' Snickers Tart + Roasted Banana muffin -

Thanks to Doris for the recommendation! Else we will not have walked into this cafe that we passed by so many times before! I love the laid-back atmosphere and the friendly servers who gave really awesome recommendations.

Artichoke Cafe & Bar
161 middle road, Sculpture Square
Tel: 6336 6949

Operating hours: 
Tues to Fri- dinner hours 
Sat- brunch & dinner (close at 4pm and open at 6pm again)
Sun- brunch

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