Tuesday, March 19, 2013

[Homecooked] Creamy Chicken Pasta

I prefer tomato-based pasta to cream sauce pasta because I can't stand the strong cream taste throughout the entire course of dinner. However, since I received a request to cook this one fine day, I did some research online and tried out this recipe from here! I changed the sour cream to light sour cream and added mushrooms and chicken.

Here are some of my ingredients!

I fell in love with asparagus from the start of this year when my mom introduced sauté asparagus with prawns and scallops to me.

Ta-da! It was a tad watery for my liking, which I contributed to me using Light sour cream instead of Full Cream. So.. Lesson learnt: Wanna eat something good, go ALL the way and worry later. *nods.

I even paired it with salmon as a "side-dish" kinda main dish. Okay, that was a lie. The real reason was that the fish was frozen for a month plus already so we had to clear it before it tastes funny. 

This is pretty perfect if you prefer a light meal that is a deviation from the usual tomato-based pasta, but satisfyingly delicious as well. 

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