Monday, March 25, 2013

Ambush! @ J8

Needed a good meal after the exhausting Carnival sale over the weekend and settled at Ambush at Bishan Junction 8 for dinner. I had Mussels in a Pot (Small) ($14.90) cooked in Vin Blanc style and I swore I made the rightest decision ever. The mussels were quite big and cooked just right, not too soft nor chewy and the broth is slightly salty but very savoury with little bacon bits. I would have held the small pot to my face if there weren't so many people around, it was THAT good.

The meatloaf with hamburger steak ($15.90) was pretty tasty too, with soft slab of meat and juicy minced beef. The buttery soft mashed potatoes was very delicious! I love Ambush's mashed potatoes ever since I tried one of their set lunches with chicken sausages quite a while back. Definitely recommend the mashed potatoes as a side dish when you are there. 

I like the cosy and ikea-like setting in the restaurant, not to mention the attentive staff. I would say it's not very expensive for the quality and portions of the food, worth every penny spent!

9 Bishan Place
Junction 8 Shopping Centre

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