Monday, February 4, 2013

Tanuki Raw oysters @ Orchard Central

Tanuki Oysters
All hail the OYSTERS!

Tanuki Oysters
Tanuki Raw Oysters - $12/dozen (promo price)

I must say that it's an exquisite type of cuisine really, it's slimy, juicy and you taste the SEA, literally. Here's how I think people should enjoy oysters - Squeeze a little lemon and squirt a little tobasco sauce... there, feel the oysters mingle with your tastebuds and smell the ocean within your soul... quite a nice feeling actually.

Tanuki Sushi

Tanuki Sushi
American Roll - $10

We gave American Roll a try too, with thin beef slices sandwiched between the rice and mayo. Not too bad though the beef can be a tad more generous! I would definitely try other sushi rolls when I'm there the next time.
Tanuki is opened by Standing Sushi Bar's Howard Lo and I guess the raw food are the must-try items like the fresh sashimi, steak tartare and oysters! They also serve a fushion of western-meet-eastern kind of cuisine if you want something more interesting to try.

Oh btw, skip the drinks, not worth the tummy space. ;)

Tanuki Raw
Orchard Central
Tanuki Raw FB pageTanuki website
Tel: 6636 5949

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