Monday, February 10, 2014

Mansaku's Chicken Teriyaki at Golden Mile Food Centre

Japanese food are almost always available at food courts, hawker centres and even the canteen near my office have a Japanese stall that has the shortest queue. How many of us had tasty Japanese food at these food centres? Sadly, the standard of Japanese food at such food places is so average that I rather queue up with the rest at economic rice stall. Mansaku Japanese Food located at Golden Mile Food Centre changed my perception and taste buds after I tried their Teriyaki Chicken Set.

The Teriyaki Chicken Set (priced at $5) comes with a bowl of white rice, salad, chawanmushi, soup and a small fruit. I am actually craving for this again even though I just had my dinner while I'm typing this. The meat is grilled 'til there's a slight smoky taste but the chicken remained tender and juicy. I especially love the teriyaki sauce that compliments the chicken and goes so well with the white rice. 

 The chawanmushi is silky smooth, though a tad too salty for me but I love the texture. It's not easy to get this dish of steamed egg right and I must say I was super impressed by this.

It's always so easy to just neglect the side dishes and put all focus on the main dish but Mansaku's attention to details is applaudable because I love the special sauce that give the refreshing kick to the otherwise plain salad of thinly sliced cabbage. I polished every single thing off because it's really hard to pick out something not right about this set meal. The satiated feeling at the end is really worth the journey to Beach Road and I wouldn't mind going back again and try other dishes on the humble menu. 

It's really heartening to taste such passion in simple hawker fare and even more when you see the swift and professional mannerism of a Japanese Chef at work. It dawned on me that great taste in food doesn't have to be served in a high class restaurant to satisfy patrons.

Mansaku Japanese Food
505 Beach Road #01-93
Golden Mile Food Centre
Closed on Sundays & Mondays.

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