Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kluang Rail Coffee - You Have To Try When At Kluang

It's not easy to miss this rustic coffee shop if you take a KTM to Kluang station. What I like about this humble eatery is the simple local foodfare that are both tasty and economical.

I was pretty excited (cheap thrill!) to take the KTM for the very first time. The only complaint I heard about the KTM was train delays and I was thankful that the train departed for Kluang on the dot. The carriage was super clean and the seat was very comfortable. Will blog more about it in a seperate entry!

If only if you can smell the fragrance of this petite nasi lemak at RM 0.70 (~SGD 0.30) wrapped in banana leaf. I have a penchant for grainy rice and this definitely exceeded my expectation because I like that each grain was evenly coated with coconut milk. The sambal packed a fiery punch, slightly salty from the anchovies but it goes very well with the rice! I truly belittled this little packet because it was actually just enough for me... Or perhaps because I was saving my stomach for more to come!

As if the nasi lemak wasn't enough, I had to have this roti bun! It looked like it will melt in my mouth and indeed, it was one of the softest bread at RM 1.20 (~SGD 0.45) I've tasted at a coffee house. Fragrant kaya and butter sandwiched between the soft soft bread filled my mouth with pure bliss. 

The roti keping bakar is a taste of home, much like our Ya Kun kaya toast. The toast at RM 1.10 (~SGD 0.40) was crunchy and fluffy and the kaya is very fragrant, though a tad too sweet for me. This would have been perfect with a cup of kopi-o!

What is toast and kopi without soft boiled eggs? Although the outer shell of these telur kampung (kampong eggs) looked paler than normal eggs, check out the golden egg yolk! It's priced at RM 1.10 (~SGD 0.40) for two and somehow, maybe it's the word 'kampung' that had some kind of placebo effect on me, but I felt that the eggs had this lighter and slightly sweet taste.

I was too full from my kaya toast to try this but I was told that this packet of fried mee siam at RM 0.70 (~SGD 0.30) is so popular that it was sold out most of the time, so we were lucky to have the chance to even see it on the tables. 

You would have noticed at this point in time... that there's no review of coffe at all... I regretted ordering my usual teh and I totally forgot about ordering the coffee (the irony of being at Real Rail Coffee). But it gave me a darn good reason to go back again to have a try at the coffee and the mee siam! 

Although it was just a short time spent here for our breakfast, I liked the humble and traditional feel of this coffee house. I can imagine the families who stay nearby having their weekly breakfast before they start their grocery shopping etc. and reminiscing about the traditional breakfast fare when they grow up and stay somewhere else. It's definitely a place where memories are created. 

If you are a coffee lover like me, stay tuned for a well-known Kluang TV brand coffee next!

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Kluang Rail Coffee
Stesan Keretapi 86000 Kluang, Johor

Operating hours:
Friday to Wednesday: 7.00am - 12.00pm, 2.30pm - 6.00pm

Tel: +6019-322 0072 or +6012-728 8802
Kluang Rail Coffee website

*This was an invited media tasting.

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