Saturday, April 6, 2013

Standing Sushi Bar II

Finally tried other kinds of food at Standing Sushi Bar besides the $3 salmon sashimi! I think the standard of the food has improved quite a bit though I still find their ala carte items slightly expensive. But definitely worth queuing up for dinner. Shall not bore you with words and let the pictures do the talking!

Not sure if you noticed the difference, but the salmon are bigger and thicker than the last time we went there!

I can't wait til the next time I have my fill of salmon sashimi and salmon maki and unagi again. Oh and maybe the sukiyaki too. Remember to make reservation early to avoid the queuing!

And awesome food should be enjoyed with awesome company. ;)

Standing Sushi Bar
8 Queen Street
(Just besides Food for Thought)
Tel: 6333 1335

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