Sunday, January 5, 2014

Skyving at Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar

If you like me, are too spoilt for choices when it comes to having brunch on a weekend, you have to check out Skyve Bistro & Bar near Newton Circus. Just minutes away from Orchard Road, Skyve captured my heart and stomach for it's quality food and classy ambience. 

Brunch for champs. :D

So even though I have passed by Newton Circus many times, it never occurred to me that there will be this hidden gem around the area. A prominent landmark to help you find Skyve will be Anglo Chinese (Junior) school that is just beside the building housing the bistro.

The latte was not too strong, much to my liking. The balance of the milk and espresso was just right, and it has a very smooth taste. I heart the #latteart too (weak pun intended) but not so much of the $6 price tag.

I haven't had eggs benedict for AGES so I may be a tad biased in my review of this Skyve Sous Vide Eggs Benedict priced at $19.  Let me share with you my 3 criteria when it comes to accessing eggs benny. 

1) The fork test. The egg yolks have to oozed outta the whites and onto the accompanying protein and carbo. 

2) The hollandaise sauce is just enough to accompany the poached eggs, without being too salty and overpowering to the point where you feel sick in the stomach.

3) The bread under the eggs benny is not too hard to the extent that it's difficult to cut through with a knife.

Skyve's Sous Vide Eggs Benedict passed No. 1 and 3 with flying colours - the egg yolks were runny and were great with the salty smoked salmon accompanied by soft but slightly chewy English Muffins. The taste and texture of the hollandaise sauce was fantastic, but the portion was quite miserable in my opinion.

On a side note, the original brunch set comes with pork sausage, I had it changed to smoked salmon.

The Skyving Breakfast my other half had was a hearty set of smoked salmons, scrambled eggs, baby potatoes, sauteed portobello mushrooms, grilled cherry tomatoes and sourdough bread. The scrambled eggs were soft and tasty with a hint of butter flavour, and the sourdough bread that was awesomely crunchy, goes so well with all the sides and smoked salmon. It was satisfyingly filling and I highly recommend this if you want the full works for brunch. At $22 for the whole set, I say it's worth the dough. Mm hmm.

How can we end a meal without sweet treats? Still feeling the festive mood, we decided to go for their carrot cake, which was $8. It was decent, not out-of-the-world fantastic, though I thought the caramelized walnut was delicious. 

Skyve is definitely a place I recommend to you if you want a place with good food and nice ambience. I really like the top-notch service here and the convenience of getting to the Skyve without too much walking.

Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar
10 Winstedt Road
Block E #01-17
Singapore 227977
(5 - 10 min walk from Newton MRT station)

Tel: 6225 6690

Skyve's Website Facebook

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