Tuesday, January 28, 2014

49 Seats - Wallet-friendly Western Food

With Chinese New Year just 2 days away, I bet most of you are scrambling to get last-minute CNY shopping done! When it comes to 办年货 (buying Chinese New Year goods), most of us will think of Chinatown and after a whole day of tasting mochis, crackers, pineapple tarts, cookies etc., I don't know about you but I will usually be craving for non-Chinese food at the end of the day. If you are craving for western food with a twist, go check out 49 Seats at Kreta Ayer Road, which is slightly off Keong Siak Road and just a few minutes walk from Chinatown central area.

It was a chilly night and starting our meal with pumpkin cream soup warmed up our tummy for our main course. I am not an ardent fan of pumpkin soup, so this was just alright to me. Decent, but didn't leave a deep impression in me. We topped up $4.90 for a Soup of the Day and a drink, which seemed like a good deal considering that they do not provide water.

Oh but if you are in the mood for something spicy and hearty, their Tom Yum Seafood pasta is the bombz. I love that they used authentic tom yum spices and herbs to give a twist to the otherwise run-of-the-mil creamy seafood pasta. I like the crunchy shrimp and bits and pieces of clams in the dish. I have quite a high standard when it comes to al dente pasta and 49 Seats hit the mark. At $14.90, I say this is a must-order when you are here.

The creamy smoked duck pasta did not disappoint as well, though I recommend to share this because it may get too heavy for people like me, who can't take too much cream in a dish. The smoked duck was not too salty, much to my liking and the portion was very worth it for $14.90.

Another dish that you can try is the Pan Fried Fish with Al Scampi sauce. The grilled fish was soft and well marinated and the fries was surprisingly good! Initially I thought that the Al Scampi sauce should compliment well with the fish, but it tasted great on its own as well. The pan fried fish alone is $13.90 and an extra $3 with the Al Scampi sauce.


It's an extremely sinful treat to end the meal but it's one of the better brownies I have had! I am a fan of fudgy brownie that has texture and nice chewy taste to give my teeth a workout, so this was pretty perfect to me without being overly sweet. For $8.90, I say this is damn #worththecalories! 

I was pleasantly surprised to know that 49 Seats doesn't charge GST nor service charge so for prices ranging between $10.90 to $24.90 for the main courses, I say it's one of the most pocket friendly western food in town and what's even better is that the cafe opens until 4am on Wednesdays and weekends! Have some dessert to nurse the hangover after a good workout at the dance clubs. 

49 Seats
49 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 089007
49 Seats FB Page

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