Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tze Char Gem in the West - 2 Chefs Eating Place

And so you would have noticed that I started this post with some ham (hokkien for cockles) that were swimming in soya sauce and garnishes like garlic, spring onion and freshly cut chili. Friends would know that I'm not a cockles kinda person, I can't pry open cockles and poke it with toothpick and dip it into chili or sambal and eat it with blood and all still intact on the shellfish. But this cold dish totally changed my mind!

I have never in my life, had squeaky clean, fresh cockles with garlic that whet my appetite for the rest of the meal. The only thumb down I would give (reluctantly) would be that the 2 chefs could have been more generous with the portion since this small dish cost $6. Other than that, more ham please!

The highly recommended dish among many food blogs would be 2 Chefs' Butter Pork Ribs priced at $10. Not a fan of pork, we had it changed to chicken instead and it was tasty - chicken was crisp on the outside and quite tender and juicy on the inside. The milk powder, which gave the dish that buttery and sweet taste was terribly good because I know it's so high in calories but I can't stop scooping these into my spoon and have it on its own! It went superbly well with the meat as well, so be sure to order this!

The kang kong sambal is a must in every tze char meal. It was good- leaves were tender with a good amount of sambal to give this dish a spicy kick. I would recommend this at $8 if you are craving for something simple yet comforting.

It was a rainy night and we wanted to have something with gravy to go with our white rice. If you are a fan of golden mushrooms, go for this! I like that the pan fried tofu was soft and eggy and that the gravy was not too salty. Another plus point is that the serving for this is very generous at $10 to be shared among 3-4 people.

The last dish I would highly recommend is the salted egg prawns priced at $16. Although it is slightly expensive for 6 pieces, I think this is super worth the calories! I may be a bit biased because I love anything with salted egg (except mooncakes), the prawns were crispy to the taste and the salted egg was not too overpowering, which made it perfect as a side dish to complete the whole tze char meal! Be sure to order this and make sure you get to have at least 2 prawns because I think 1 is really not enough. 

So is the journey to the west and especially to this neighbourhood worth it? I think it is but if you stay in the west area because although the prices for the food at 2 Chefs are very reasonable, I don't think the dishes are vavavoom enough to make me drive all the way there. The service level is not quite up to my expectation as well, given the small area of the eating place. The lady who took our order was impatient, quite rude and did not value add to our makan experience at 2 Chefs at all. Queue may be long here, so be prepared to wait for a bit especially on a weekend. 

Do comment in the box below if you have more tze char recommendations! 

2 Chefs Eating Place
116 Commonwealth Crescent 
#01-129 Singapore 140116
Tel: 6472 5361

409 Sin Ming Ave 
#02-01 Singapore 570409
Tel: 6451 3812

2 Chefs Website | FB page

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