Monday, February 25, 2013

Sun Ray Cafe @ Serangoon Gardens

I got to know about Sun Ray Cafe from Instagram! Haha, the wonders of social media. I posted a picture of a latte and the admin person of Sun Ray Cafe liked the pic and that's how I decided to give this Cafe a visit to give their coffee a try!
Sun Ray Cafe_Mocha

Sun Ray Cafe_Mocha
Mocha - $5.00

Sun Ray Cafe_Skinny latte
Latte - $4.00

I must say that I was very impressed with their coffee! Good thing that this quaint lil cafe, which is pet-friendly too, was not busy on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The head barista came over to chat with us and it was interesting to learn about the different coffee and the art of coffee from her evident passion in making good coffee. She shared with us about the different types of coffee and the logic for the different terminology, like what goes into a latte, a cappuccino, a macchiato, etc etc. In the end we had a total of 4 cups of coffee at the cafe! The other two - cold drip coffee and americano were not featured above.

Sun Ray Cafe_All american breakfast

Sun Ray Cafe Ameria

Sun Ray Cafe_Scone
 American breakfast - $14.90

Sun Ray Cafe_Scone

Sun Ray Cafe_Scone
Fresh scones - $2.50 each (come with Butter)

I am quite glad they served pretty decent food too! They served all day brunch items and I ordered an American breakfast, which came with sausages, cheese croquette, scrambled eggs (or sunny side-up), rocket salad and fresh scones. I must say that the scrambled eggs were not done to my expectation as they were tasteless and not as "milky" as I like. The other condiments were average but the SCONES were DA BOMB! 

In fact, we loved the scones so much, we ordered extra serving and as you can see, they were HUGE! They were crumbly and slightly cakey, fragrant and went very well with Americano. Can't wait to have it again! They serve dessert and other main dishes too.


I'm glad I made the trip down because it was really nice chatting with the staff and seeing cute dogs. I would definitely come back for the good coffee and nice ambience. Customer service was superb, the waiters were friendly, attentive, and very courteous. It's really hard to find good local service staff nowadays! Do visit the cafe if you happen to be around the area! :) UOB card holders get to enjoy 12% off.
Sun Ray Cafe79 Brighton Crescent (Off Serangoon Gardens way)
Singapore, Singapore 559218
Tel: 62838700

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