Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Trans Hotel - Where Luxury meets Style in Bandung

Bandung city is known for its breezy weather and street after street of factory outlets. After a long day of hardcore shopping, wouldn't you love to sink yourself in plush and comfortable bed and have a good rest for another day of shopping?? I was in for a pleasant surprise after being recommended to stay at this luxury hotel earlier this month at The Trans Luxury Hotel.

I was blown away by the grandeur of the lobby area - a huge dragon made of crystals perched on the ceiling, chandeliers, marbled tiles, lush and deep red carpet and I was very glad to have smiles greeting us when we checked into the hotel. 

The ginormous Christmas tree at the lobby certainly added another star to the hotel's rating. I honestly think that Christmas trees are a way to show how 'classy' the mall or hotel is, because the taller and more extravagant the ornaments are, the more expensive it will be and the higher the cost of shopping/dining/accommodation. Anyway, i'm digressing.

The lift lobby is somehow different at every level - the carpet, decoration, centerpiece, etc. It's quite interesting to see how much effort this hotel puts into decor and the small details to make guests feel as comfortable as possible.

If you are also thinking of going to Bandung as a group, they have such small private dining rooms as well. I love the sofa chairs and laminated wooden table - dining in style seemed like the way to go at a luxury hotel!

The exterior of the dining area leads into the hotel's pool area. We can also choose to have our daily buffet breakfast alfresco while we gaze at the pool reflecting the morning sun. This looked like the kids'  and adults' paradise! There's a small slide at the side of the pool and tons of sun beds if you wanna get a bronzy look for the new year. 

Moving on to the bedrooms! *squeals* I truly did not expect the hotel room to be this nice. Partly because we checked in quite late at night after a long day of work and also because I was told not to expect too much, but this is hands-down, one of the most luxurious hotel rooms I have stayed in. The tall ceiling, plush leather headrest, soft and comfy white bed, 3-seater L-shaped suede sofa and the marble tiled bathroom were enough to make me promise myself to come back again next year.

Needless to say, I spent a much longer time in the bathroom than usual. I was so tempted to bring the bedroom slippers back home, since it would be thrown away any way, but I was afraid of being asked to make payment when I check out, hence I resisted. But even the bedroom slippers were so thick and comfortable!

Another shot of the sofa area where I replied my emails and charged my gadgets before I let you in on a bird's eye view of Bandung.

Trans Sudio has an indoor mini theme park if you are travelling with young ones to Bandung. Getting around Bandung is convenient with the abundance of friendly taxi drivers and the straight roads.

A small tip for travelling in Bandung is to always keep IDR 1000 notes in handy, as tipping is tres common in Indonesia. You tip when you get out of carpark, toilet, restaurants, etc., but the good thing is that locals do not expect much so IDR 1000-5000 for normal services ought to be enough. Airport transfers can easily be arranged with the local drivers as well, though you can always get the hotel to arrange for you if you prefer.

I really hope that you guys like my travel posts as much as I like writing them! Do email me at if you wanna know more.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2014 everyone! Travel safe, be happy during this holiday season and I wish all of you lots of love, joy and laughter.


The Trans Luxury Hotel
Gatot Subroto 289
Bandung 40273

Trans Luxury Hotel website
Phone: +62 (022) 8734 8888

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