Saturday, October 12, 2013

A day at Thong Lo, Bangkok

Sawadeekaaaa! I'm back with 2 food places to share in the Land of Smiles and I felt this compelling need to blog about these 2 makan places because I love the ambience, they gave my tastebuds a jolly good time with all the awesome flavours and they are not at the heart of the shopping action, which is great for a wind down and catchup with the social media.

If you have a jam-packed schedule of shopping and more shopping in Bangkok, the one place you have to check out is Greyhound Cafe. It's a fusion of Thai and Western cuisine that blended really well and tastefully together without creating any pot hole in your wallet.

I gotta be honest that I expected these anorexic-looking spicy chicken wings (110 baht) to disappoint my tastebuds because they looked so dry! But BOY, was I in for a spicy and juicy kick! The chicken was succulent and juicy and I guess the petite wings were much easier to be enjoyed than regular sized ones. A must-order from the starters/appetizers menu definitely!

This tangled mess of spicy and flavourful and oh-so-tasty spaghetti (220 baht) with basil leaves and juicy chicken and mushrooms left a burning sensation on my tastebuds! I highly suspected that the spice originated from the stem of green balls and decided to not touch it at all. I reluctantly exchanged my Thai-style spaghetti for pesto pasta with my partner halfway through my plate because my tastebuds couldn't handle the spice anymore! You have been warned.

The pesto pasta (220 baht) was a delight, not too oily and superbly tasty without the MSG-overload aftermath. I especially love the fresh seafood of crunchy shrimps and nicely cooked scallops. It was definitely a great mix to the Thai spaghetti that we ordered. 

Another must-order is this Thai ice tea blended drink (100 baht). It's a sweet though thankfully not overly sweet and refreshing treat after a tasty meal. Addresses to find this awesome cafe is right at the end of this post.

After Greyhound Cafe, we walked a bit further up towards a small building called Seen Space at Soi 13 for desserts at Mr Jones' Orphanage! Feast your eyes people!

Can't help but to be reminded of the #hashtag video with Justin Timberlake when I saw these cupcakes. #omnomnomnom

I couldn't help but to gush and squeal inwardly at every photo I took, just look at these gorgeous-looking cakes and pastries and tarts and cupcakes and OMG the M&M cake looked so yummy!

I thought that the Chocky Mud Pie with vanilla ice cream (135 baht) was quite addictive though the gooey mixture of melted chocolate with fudge cake was a little too thick and heavy, it goes perfectly well with the ice cream. 

The Strawberry Sponge Cake (120 baht) on the other hand, was a little too dry and not spongy enough for me. In the end we dipped the sponge cake into the chocolate mud pie to finish it off! Strawberries + chocolate = WIN.

We were pretty amused by the name of this dessert - Custard Cow's Poo (120 baht) and decided to give it a try anyways! It turned out to be the highlight of this high tea session! I love the chewy texture, which kinda reminded me of nyonya kueh kueh and though it was a little bit too sweet, it was pretty perfect with the tangy strawberries and black coffee. 

Although I should have tried more types of cakes to give a more accurate conclusion of the desserts here, I do not think that the dessert are as yummy as they are presented. However, I will definitely recommend you guys to spend a lazy afternoon here because I felt like I stepped into some whimsical wonderland here and there's this magical feel to this whole place, which I have not find in Singapore yet. Moreover, the sofa chairs are really comfortable and the coffee was surprisingly good!

Do let me know if you have tried other kinds of dessert which left you with a better impression as I would love to try it the next time I'm in Bangkok!

Next up! Affordable and fresh seafood in Bangkok - stay tuned for that!

Greyhound Cafe
J Avenue @ Thong Lo Soi 15
(Nearest BTS Station: Thong Lo)

Emporium, 2F @ Khlong Toei
(BTS Station: Phrom Phong)

Siam Center, Ground Floor
(BTS Station: Siam)

Opening Hours:
11.00am - 9.00pm daily

Mr Jones' Orphanage
Siam Center, 2F
(BTS Station: Siam)

Opening Hours:
11.00am - 9.00pm daily

Seen Space @ Thong Lo Soi 13
(Nearest BTS Station: Thong Lo)

Opening Hours:
11.00am - 10.00pm daily

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