Monday, July 15, 2013

Thank yous. :)

This blog started off as a place for me to pen down my food hunts to share with my friends and as I post more pictures, review on the food I have tasted, I began to really enjoy that sense of achievement I feel when people tried the food I recommended and love it as much as I did. It doesnt hurt that I treat it as an exercise to improve my style of writing and how I engage readers on my food entries.

Today, this blog has been read 1500 times and although this figure is peanuts to advertisers, famous bloggers who received such view counts every day, it's huge to me. It's a little milestone to me and I truly appreciate it when friends commented that they read my entries and that brunch place I've penned down is next on their list of food places to try! It makes me very happy and I just wanna thank every one of you for checking this space out. :)

There's a few places on my list that I can't wait to try out and recommend to you guys (if they're good)!

Stay tuned.


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